This week is invariably interesting because the Conference season is in full swing and our industry’s wealthiest minds are gathering in California. Apparently, drones are getting trendier than they already are, and even though the U.S. nuclear arsenal is still run on 1980’s 8-inch floppy disks, the Air Force is interested in developing drone software with swarming capabilities.

There’s also some solid advice about agile programming. If you would like some more info about programming methods used at General UI, read our own Robert Wallis’s blog post “Pair Programming Solves Soft Engineering Problems.”

Code Conference 2016

  • Code Conference 2016

    Watch the free videos posted on the conference website! Listen to Elon Musk give his take on everything from the future of the car industry to what kind of government should be on Mars.

  • Venture capitalist, former Wall Street securities analyst and partner at the Silicon Valley VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Mary Meeker focuses on Internet and emerging technologies.

Reintroducing the HoloLens

  • Microsoft Rolls Out HoloLens, again.

    Engineers and developers took suggestions and feedback to heart and made a product that is supposed to be more user friendly and applicable to daily use. The technology is still developing, but they seem to be going in the right direction.

  • Review of the most recent HoloLens Rollout event

    The reviewer who tried the technology was lukewarm. “HoloLens isn’t ready for you, and you’re not ready for it. Someday, that won’t be the case — and that’s the really exciting part about HoloLens.”


Everything You Wanted to Know About Storage

  • Tech Field Day

    This is long and comprehensive list of detailed presentations surrounding today’s data storage issues and solutions offered by some very astute people. They were given at Storage Field Day 10 in San Jose, CA last week. The event details can be found here.

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